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Badagoni Home

Badagoni Home is a hospitality management company providing with the development & management of hotel, restaurants, wine shops, cultural-historical tours and etc. Badagoni home is a daughter company of Badagoni wine company – leader among Georgian wine producers. Badagoni Home was established in 2018 and it already implements management of hotels, restaurants and wine shops. Also Badagoni Home has developed special tour named as “story of 2 capitals – golden route in golden history” providing with the deep, diverse and overwhelming experience

Wine Restaurant

Badagoni Home

Restaurant “Badagoni Home” is a unique space in Georgia, where every dish is created by the inspiration of wine. That is why only in “Badagoni Home” you can taste experimental dishes of Georgian cuisine, which is harmoniously paired with taste characteristics of various “Badagoni” wines. The wine restaurant, situated on the central square of Tbilisi, has a very elegant and at the same time cozy, warm, homey atmosphere. “Badagoni Home” is an ideal space for both business meetings and friendly gatherings.

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Badagoni Home

Badagoni Boutique Hotel Rustaveli is situated in the very heart of the capital, on Tbilisi central square. The inspiration of the elegant and cozy hotel interior is the legendary Georgian poem “The Knight in the panther’s skin” by Shota Rustaveli. All rooms in the hotel is named after poem characters, so each of them has an individual design. Boutique hotel is a part of the unique space “Badagoni Home”, which consists of the hotel itself, unique wine restaurant and wine shop. The unique space represents all the main values of “Badagoni” wine company. Here you can taste experimental dishes of Georgian cuisine, inspired by various “Badagoni” wines, you can get a full package of professional consultation about wine and food pairing and what’s the most important, enjoy the elegant, refined and cozy atmosphere.

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Tourism Direction

Creating and Managing Tourist Destinations, that will Help the qualitative and quantitative development of Tourist Infrastructure in Georgia.

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